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They Said!

Burgers of Burginmeister are best and are just lip smacking. They are one of the best food chains of all time. They are pocket friendly prices. I got one of those Green beans category and believe me it tasted amazing. I would recommend it to all of you to try it atleast once #food #foodie

– Suman Poddar

Digital Head PNT

Undoubtedly, this is the best burger place in the city. It has a quite reasonable price and the quality of food is simply awesome, like Nashe hi nashe, Meat Replica, King of veggies is just to die for,

– Mohit Kumar

Digital Head ENSETT

Burginmeister is one of the best burger hub in the town. It offers some delicious burger which is very tasty and hygenic. The place has lot to offer to their customers starting from veg to non veg. The price is also reasonably low which makes the place visit again and again.

– Prakash Thakur

Founder VIP JEE