Popularity Of Burgers

Popularity Of Burgers

The Burger as it is known today has numerous innovation claims. But it seems clear as it is a product of the 20th century. During the last 100 years, it spread through the world because of the arising idea of inexpensive food and establishment. It has immense popularity in various nations. People in America and Germany consume it on daily basis. The working population in these countries favour food which is both budget friendly and healthy.

The question to ponder is: Why are Burgers so popular?

The most obvious answer must be- Is it cheap? In the world we live, convenience and cost lay importance, burger serves as an affordable dining option. In the image-obsessed era, a tasty patty with cheese and ubiquitous brioche bun is sure to see the likes rolling in. Not just that it’s budget-friendly, it is easy to eat. An ideal dish to have on the go. With the fat content easy to control, also they can be cooked easily and quickly and above all, the price to quality ratio is wonderful. They can be kept and stored in freezers and made with a variety of spices. However, the variations remain endless.

Are burgers healthy?

The burger was introduced in the Indian market around two decades ago. It is considered as a snack or junk item. However,Burginmeisterbelieves in serving healthy variants of burgers to bring you that authentic taste of international burgers to your county along with proper nutrition. We offer you to choose among different breads including sesame and charcoal buns focusing on the health portion with optimum hygiene. Our burgers offer versatility and a large basis for experimentation at our food labs.

Indians seek Indian flavours in International dishes too. After extensive research, we have come up with a menu that caters to both Indian as well as Non-Indian flavours. We ought to start our outlet here in your country to let you have the taste of those perfect authentic burgers from its originated country, Germany. With an increasing demand for meat-free flavours, burgers are considered to be a safe bet. A major emphasis was provided to set up an extensive vegetarian menu and guarantee quality offerings across the price.

At Burginmeister, burgers continue to evolve with weird and wacky toppings alongside various vegetarian options. Who doesn’t loves cheese?  The traditional cheeseburger is given a climax by adding three different kinds of cheese with jalapeno and bell pepper infused with pizzeria sauce. For those with the likes of a little Indian flavour, Kadhai Paneer is an inspired choice. The veggie infused patty with soft paneer cubes and tasty gravy would bash your hunger.

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